friends for friends
If you are not able to adopt a dog or you have already provided a home to some dear creature, maybe you still wish to sponsor one of the dogs of our shelter and become their godmother/godfather.


The animal shelter “Prijatelji” from Čakovec is currently taking care of 400 adult dogs and puppies. Regarding such a large number of dogs, the organization and everyday activities of the shelter represent a huge challenge. The staff at the shelter work hard every day in order to provide food and fresh water for the dogs all the time, and to keep their yards and kennels always clean. Volunteers come regularly to the shelter in order to make the life of the dogs at the shelter easier by cuddling them, walking them and exercising them on a fenced meadow which is part of the shelter.

Caring for so many dogs requires great physical and mental effort, and at the same time represents a huge financial burden. The largest expenditure covered fully by the shelter itself is the costs of veterinarians, which during the “good” months amount to over €3,000, and during the “bad” months even over €4,000. Local authorities do not cover these costs so that the shelter has to rely on the donations from private citizens in order to continue to provide the best possible care for the dogs in the shelter.

One of the best ways of donating and helping the dogs at the shelter is through a very popular sponsorship program “Prijatelji za prijatelje” (“FRIENDS for friends”). Numerous people have joined the program during the three years since its launching, and their annual donations in the amount of €15 per dog have contributed to enhancing the activities of the shelter.

Within the sponsorship program “Prijatelji za Prijatelje” you can choose one or several dogs among 400 shelter inhabitants and by paying the donation you may become his/her sponsor (godmother or godfather). If you wish, you can also let us choose the dog for you.

Therefore, if you wish to help the animals that do not currently have a permanent home, and you are in no position to provide such a home for them, become a godmother or godfather (sponsor) to them. For the animal shelter “Prijatelji” the support of the citizens, that is, YOUR support is of utmost importance and absolutely necessary. There are 400 dogs in the Čakovec shelter who need your help, 400 good souls waiting for their godmother or godfather. And you may be one of them.

Become a godparent

Take a look at our dogs who currently don’t have godparents.