Project Description

Tina was abandoned by the forest and Drava channel. When we got a message about her, it sounded like we have another injured dog who can’t stand on her legs because of getting hit by a car. But she couldn’t stand on her legs because she was exhausted and dehydrated. As soon as she got some food and water, she stood on her shaky legs and started to walk. The second day in the shelter she was quite well and ready to show us her grateful and good character. She is very curious, she keeps track of what’s going on around her all the time, but she’s also a stable and strong dog. Her fur is tricolor and medium length, and her eyes are warm and deep. She gets along well with other dogs, she is around 63 cm high and was born in July 2013.

SPONSOR: Antonio Posedi, Gornji Kuršanec, 2018