Project Description

Petar spent 5 years of his life being on a 1-meter long wire tied to a pole in a Roma settlement. He barely could enter his improvised dog house. Wire already started to leave traces on his neck and he would soon have had bloody wounds if it wasn’t for us who freed him from the wire. When we did that, his eyes became filled with gratitude and full of happiness, because he didn’t have to live in such a small space, sitting in his own faeces and eating dry bread anymore. He immediately ran to the other dogs with a desire to play and make friends. They accepted him and we are hoping that he will get accepted by some human heart as well. Human heart which is ready to show Petar the world: green fields, deep forests and cold lakes, everything he had never seen. We also hope that there will be more in his world than a backyard and a fence in our shelter. Petar was born in 2010 and is around 50 cm tall. Petar cannot walk with a leash around his neck, he needs to have a harness because of traumas from the leash he was on.

SPONSOR: Ana-Marija Vidjak, Zagreb, 2018
SPONSOR: Liane Graeske, Germany, 2017