Project Description

Mina was found in the field on the edge of our city. She was lingering there for days, during the coldest days of winter. We received a lot of calls, but she was so scared that she wouldn’t let anyone get near her. The snow fell, and she was hiding in the bushes, trying to warm up her skinny, tired body. When she finally came closer (in search for food she walked to the mall), we succeeded to catch her and it wasn’t until then that we figured how skinny she really was. She had a mark from a leash around her neck and huge clutches, which all indicated how badly she was treated. After a few days in her temporary home, she relaxed and started to copy other dogs in approaching people, developing from a scared small girl to a nice and gentle dog, who is endlessly thankful for all the attention and food she’s getting, as well as for a warm home without starvation and loneliness. Mina was born in 2014 and is 50 cm tall.

SPONSOR: Eva Mladiček, Zagreb, 2017