Project Description

Merha was found living in front of a fenced yard for days before she came to the shelter. As soon as she arrived it was clear to us that she had puppies recently, and what happened to them, we never found out. Her eyes were full of sadness, and she was in need of love and tenderness. There are a lot of plain black dogs, and she, being a black dog with a little bit of brown, doesn’t really stand out either — what makes her stand out, though, are her sadness filled eyes which show all sorrow he carries in her. We really hope someone will see those eyes and make them happy, by giving her a loving home she deserves. Merha is not a hyperactive dog, but not completely still either — it would be best if she had longer walks or a yard to run around in. She gets along well with other dogs. She was born in June 2015 and is 46 cm tall.

SPONSOR: Silvija Križanec, Zagreb, 2018