Project Description

Kaufi is so special with her brown fur and honest light eyes. She was thrown in front of a popular shopping centre where she faithfully waited for two days in heavy rain and coldness for her family to come back for her, but that didn’t happen. From all the sadness she didn’t want to eat or communicate with people, just being sad she curled up under a tree and waited, and waited. When we took her to the shelter, for the first few days she was constantly with us in the office so we could cheer her up with cuddling and attention, and so she could forget sad days she went through. Now she is happy, special and enriched with love which she receives from us daily. But we are aware that she deserves a family that will dedicate themselves just to her, and love her entirely, like she deserves. Kaufi was born in July 2012 and weighs 15 kg.

SPONSOR: Silvia Benussi, Poreč, 2018