Project Description

James  was left near a dump where according to the locals he spent around a week. Nobody among them thought to bring him some food and water or to make him a shelter. They were just looking at how he is lying there without moving in hope that his people will come back for him and take him home. Just how much hope was in those eyes and how it died, we don’t know, but when a woman who found him stopped next to him with her car, he quickly jumped on the back seat, ready to be saved. Unfortunately she can’t keep him because of the amount of time she spends at work so we are hoping that someone will fall in love with him, despite his black- coloured fur. James is a very young dog, born somewhere in January 2015. He is cuddly and sweet by nature and also ready to learn everything that his new family wants to teach him. He needs to get adopted in a house with a backyard with enough place to play and run.

SPONSOR: anonymous donor, Maribor, 2017