Project Description

Hella was in her late stages of pregnancy when she first arrived to the shelter. She is the only one who knows about the tough time she had on the streets. She came to the shelter malnourished, her coat was dry and dull, but no matter what she went through, she was still the best mom in the world. When her pups grew up a bit, Hella was getting more rest, her coat recuperated, and now she melts us every day with her genuine and beautiful smile. She has a big heart full of kindness for all humans despite all she went through “thanks” to them, in her life before she came to shelter. Her coat is almost black, but if you see her in the sun, you’ll be amazed by the warm chocolatey shade of her undercoat. She is a medium sized dog, 48 centimeters tall, born sometime in August 2015. Adopt Hella and make one very special dog happy as she can be.

SPONSOR: Ivana Preložnjak, Pribislavec, 2018