Project Description

What to say about Cilly? She didn’t get a name Especially Cilly for nothing — she really is very special, everything about her is; her short and shiny, brown and grey coat, her big ears which make her look like a mix between a dog and a baby elephant, her long snout that wants to sniff everything around, and her warm, warm hazel eyes. Taller by size, Cilly is very well behaved and has nice character — always ready to play and her youth provides her enough energy for running and goofing around. She is also very smart and always ready to learn. She gets along great with other dogs and she is looking for people who will have time for their walks together and for teaching her all sorts of tricks which she just adores doing. She was born in January 2017 and is about 55 centimeters tall.

SPONSOR: Kristina Vincetic, 2018