Project Description

What can we say about As? Well, obviously someone saw him as their champion when he got a name like that (As=Ace). Unlike many of our shelter dogs, his story is well known to us, told by his owner’s neighbors. Two of them lived happily until his human suddenly died of a heart attack. This misfortune left As all alone in this world. And he was really loved. Neighbors would bring him food and water, but he kept looking for ways to run away and find company. His main characteristic is loyalty, wanting to be by his human all of the time. He is happiest when he is lying next to your feet, protects you. He listens carefully to all you do, and as soon you get up, he is right there next to you. He won’t leave you out of sight. He is so gentle, charming, sweet and obedient. As came to us with an old jaw injury, and he keeps one of his hind legs lifted most of the time. His documents say he was born in 2011, but we think he might be a few years older. He is 39 cm tall and he really wishes for a human to call his own again.

SPONSOR: anonymous donor, Zagreb, 2019
SPONSOR: Nicole Mensger, Germany, 2018