Donate items for dogs and the shelter

Did you know that you can easily help our shelter dogsalso with donations in kind (not money)? To satisfy all their basic needs we need everything, from doghouses and dog dishes to old blankets, newspapers and toys, from dehydrated food to canned food for puppies and adult dogs. You can bring what you have to our shelter, but we can also agree on other methods of delivery (by post, or picking things up at your address, etc.)

Dog food


Rich source of nutrients for puppies

Donate canned puppy food

Every day there are new puppies arriving at our shelter and the supplies of canned food for them are running low. Help us by donating canned puppy food.
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To feed more than 40 puppies

Donate dehydrated puppy food

Since puppies have different food requirements than adult dogs, they need dehydrated food adapted to their age. Please, help us keep the bellies of our youngest inmates always full.
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To feed 250 dogs’ mouths

Donate dog food

We would be grateful for canned and dehydrated food for adult dogs regardless of the brand. We also accept as donation human food which can be cooked with dog food, such as rice, pasta and bread.
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Construction material


To pave the puppy yards

Donate concrete slabs

We would like to pave the puppy yards for easier cleaning and maintenance. We need concrete slabs or pavements or overlay (Estrich) concrete mixture. Help us collect enough material for ten yards which we would like to have paved.
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To construct yards for puppies

Donate cement

We urgently need cement so that we could complete the yard for puppies. The puppies would be safer and happier in their new space. If you have a cement bag left or if you could buy one for us, we would be more than grateful.
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Recreation for the dogs


For bathing and recreation

Donate wash-basins

During hot summer months plastic wash-basins filled with cold water are excellent source of relaxation and cooling down, and our dogs simply love them.
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For play and entertainment

Donate dog toys

Our dogs love to play with rubber toys, to pull the rope, chew on soft toys and run after tennis balls. Let them have toys so that they may also have some fun.
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For cooking dog food

Donate firewood

Every day food is being cooked in two big cauldrons. A lot of wood is used to fire the cauldrons. If you have some surplus of firewood or some old boards that might be of use, we would be very grateful if you could donate these.
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For a heating system

Donate barrels

We would need several barrels so as to provide heating for the puppies in the yard. It does not matter how old the barrel is – the only thing that matters is that it is whole (intact).
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To freeze and preserve dog food

Donate a freezer

Our old freezer has decided to stop working and to retire. Where shall we now store all the food to preserve it? Does anyone have a freezer that is just standing in the way? Smaller, bigger, no matter, only as long as it works.
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