On 15 October 2014 we have organized a charity concert named FRIENDS FOR ANIMAL FRIENDS at the Cultural Centre in Čakovec.

The goal of this Concert was raising funds to continue the work of our shelter which is one of only six no-kill shelters in Croatia. At the moment we are taking care of about 285 dogs out of which more than 50 are puppies. Therefore, the veterinary bills are huge and we need help to cover them. Since the beginning of the year over 350 dogs have been accepted to the shelter, which is the same figure for which it previously took a period of a year and a half. The number of abandoned dogs on the streets of towns and villages is growing, and many have not yet been microchipped although this has been a legal obligation since 2004.

With this Concert we wanted to draw attention of our citizens to the problems we are facing and to familiarize them with our work, but at the same time to provide a bit of fun and entertainment.


  • Mirko Švenda Žiga
  • Bojan Jambrošić
  • Cheerleaders Livi
  • Čakovec Majorettes
  • Vocal Band Gloria
  • The Choir of the Economic and Trade School Čakovec
  • Marija Jambrošić
  • Studio of Modern Dance Teuta Čakovec
  • Studio Vivona Čakovec
  • Globus Band Čakovec
  • Mateo Mikulić
  • Đura z Međimurja
  • KUD “Kaštel” Pribislavec


We had a very good time. We would like to thank all those who bought the tickets and thus supported the work of our shelter. We want to thank the performers and the moderator. Thanks goes also to ZAMP who waived the copyrights on the songs, the nursery garden Iva for the borrowed flowers decorating the stage, Tourist Board of the Međimurje County for the donated water, Ana Ude for the baked rolls for the kids…. and of course, a big thanks to the media who supported us in announcing the concert. We hope that this was an opportunity for you to have at least a little bit of fun and relaxation….