Who are we?

Animal shelter “PRIJATELJI” (FRIENDS) is working since 2001 with the aim of protecting, caring for and finding homes for abandoned animals in the entire region of Medjimurje County. Our wish is to encourage people to reconsider their relationship to animals and join us in the fulfillment of our goals!

Our mission

Considering the fact that every animal has rights, and that there are people who are ruthlessly violating them, we felt the urgent need to get together and try to tackle the existing problems of animals. Through its activities, animal shelter “Prijatelji” is trying to eliminate the prevalent narrow-mindedness and citizens limited awareness on the issue of animal rights, encourage their protection and promotion, and find homes for as many abandoned and deserted animals as possible. One of the main goals of our shelter is the education of citizens about animal rights. A large number of abandoned animals is an indication of lack of moral maturity in individual citizens. This problem cannot rest only at the expense of our shelter; it is a problem of the whole society in which we live, and no one should turn a blind eye on this.

Our Beginnings

Take a peek at how our shelter looked like in 2005, only 4 years after being established.

About the shelter

The shelter has around 70 separate yards and 25 stalls of which 16 stalls have their little yards and for nine of them the yards are planned in the near future. The stalls and yards are equipped with doghouses to protect animals from rain and cold, and every yard and stall is fully or partly roofed over. There is also a special exercise yard which is a special treat for all of them.


Results of our activities

  • we were allocated land for the construction of the shelter for abandoned animals
  • we constructed the shelter for abandoned animals and were registered as the animal shelter for the Medjimurje County
  • we cooperate with many animal welfare and protection associations at home and abroad
  • we carry out actions such as “FRIENDS’ donations” (“Prijatelji poklanjaju”) through mass media and at stands
  • we organize workshops with children and the young people, as well as with other associations of similar interests

More than


adopted dogs



years of work.


…we’re still counting.

Our friends