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Almost two years have passed since we took over care of the Animal Shelter Prijatelji (Friends) through the new society ZEU Friends of Animals and Nature. With your help and assistance we managed to achieve a lot: new yards have been constructed and they were all (a total of fifty) partially roofed over, we insulated all the doghouses, made seven new yards only for puppies, five kennels for pregnant females or those with little puppies, we obtained additional land from the City of Čakovec, as well as a parcel purchased for us by a lady supporter from Germany who gave it to us for permanent usage. We fixed the electricity which had not been properly set before, and we renovated the entire shelter in compliance with the rules of safety at work and fire protection.

We prepared a space for a small shop, fully renovated the office and we are about to set an in-patient clinic for sick dogs, and we have a great desire to arrange the premises for a longer stay of volunteers and for a night guard.

At the same time, we are looking after 250 dogs around the clock, and last year alone we accepted 400 dogs in our shelter and found homes for as many of them. Until the middle of this year we accepted 200 dogs and found homes for almost all of these.

All this means a huge amount of work for us, a lot of sacrifice and many work actions. The shelter employs six staff members, and it is managed by the President of the Society who does her work on a voluntary basis and in the last year only she put in more than 2,000 voluntary hours. Other volunteers did their job in almost 10,000 hours doing various jobs and thanks to them we have managed to significantly improve the conditions of living for our dogs at the shelter, something we haven’t stopped doing and will continue doing as long as possible

Annual expenses

Total expenses 800 000 kn
Veterinarian 200 000 kn

In financial terms this means almost 800,000 kuna expenditures, mainly for food, fortunately obtained mostly through donations, although we have to buy food that has to be cooked (and every day about 100 kg of food is cooked in two cauldrons fired by wood). Every month we need almost 2.5 tonnes of food. Bills for veterinarian healthcare in the last year amounted to almost 200,000 kuna, and apart expenditures for food, veterinarians, salaries for the employees, there are also costs for electricity, shelter maintenance, fuel, etc.

Annual budget

Cities and municipalities 10%
Donations from abroad 40%

From the cities and districts (municipalities) we have received 10% of the total of the required funds and we are covering everything else through various projects and constant requests for donations. About 40% of the necessary funds came from abroad, from the Tierwald Society which has been helping our shelter since 2009 and from other societies from abroad that join some of our projects such as those for renovation of the shelter and co-financing of neutering/spaying. All the dogs at the shelter have been microchipped, they are regularly vaccinated against rabies, and the puppies against infectious diseases. All dogs are nautered/spayed.

However, at the moment we have run up against a brick wall which seems impossible to cross. Because of the difficult situation in our country, that is deteriorating more and more, the donations have decreased significantly, and the influx of abandoned dogs is increasing. The situation is more than alarming and from this month we have no idea how to proceed. We have been forced to dismiss three of our permanent employees which means that the shelter will have to rely on a figure of three employees taking care for 250 dogs which is far too few for normal functioning, and the volunteers who would daily come to feed the dogs, clean the kennels and do all the necessary jobs during the week cannot come because they work.

Therefore, we have conceived the project 1,000 sponsors for 1,000 paws – asking you for one-off annual support to our shelter, insuring thus normal operation of our shelter, one of six shelters in Croatia that are no-kill shelters which means that the dogs there are not euthanized after the legal deadline of 60 days, but live with us until they find a home or until their natural death.

The project 1,000 sponsors for 1,000 paws has been conceived in the following manner: every citizen, family, company, society, trade, city, district can pay an annual donation of a minimum of 100 kuna and thus help us in caring for our dogs.

According to the amount paid, the sponsors will be:

  • bronze – 13 €
  • silver– 26 €
  • gold – 65 €
  • platinum – 200 €
  • diamond– 650 €

On our Facebook profile “Azil Prijatelji Čakovec” and web pages www.prijatelji-zivotinja.org we will be publishing the payments and the amounts paid, and our goal is to collect 200,000 kuna in a year so that our shelter may continue working without problems.

Please, help us and we will continue investing all our efforts in order to look after the abandoned animals, and take care of them without having to fear that tomorrow we may run out of food or funds for the veterinary care.

Only with your help we can do it.

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Diamond donor

Platinum donors

  • Marina Manucci, Novo Čiče
  • Oliver Madel
  • Sonja Kireta
  • Andrea Maier and Karlheinz Dravec, Germany

Golden donors

  • Drago Bajs
  • Leonarda Švec
  • Ineo d.o.o.
  • Darko Dinjar, Koprivnica
  • Vladimir Holetić
  • Rasadnik Iva d.o.o., Štefanec
  • Davor Balaško, Čakovec
  • Michaela Maric-Broker, Germany
  • Agricola d.o.o., Čakovec
  • Norbert Habermann, Germany
  • Studio Žerjav d.o.o. Čakovec
  • Petra Novosel
  • IM-Comp d.o.o.
  • Ira i Ben
  • Bogdana Jeretin, Maribor
  • Megra d.o.o., Donji Kraljevec
  • Horst Freimann, Germany
  • Ronis d.o.o.
  • 7.b Class, I. G. Kovačić School, Sv. Juraj na Bregu
  • Jutta Luna, Germany
  • Sandra Potraffke, Germany
  • Đulijana Matotek
  • Nikola Sedmak, Sveti Martin na Muri
  • Dog parlour Nina, Gornji Kućan
  • Michele Treves, Trieste
  • Hvar d.o.o., Samobor
  • Saša Čalopek, Čakovec
  • Davor Ivančić, Čakovec

Silver donors

  • Marijan Žvorc
  • Dijana Kržina
  • Emplex d.o.o., Lopatinec
  • Dvostruka duga d.o.o., Čakovec
  • DA, Adrian Predrag Kezele, Prhovec
  • Anita Ovčarik, Germany
  • Valentina Pastuović
  • Davide Scalora, Holland
  • Danko Ljubić, Switzerland
  • Rezonanca d.o.o.
  • anonymous donor, Zagreb
  • Bojana Perko, Čakovec
  • Mario Lačić, Graz
  • Gianni Hasipi
  • Tatjana Rahmanović
  • Zrinka Paleka, Zadar
  • Zoran Penšek, Vratišinec
  • anonymous donor, Zagreb
  • Dalibor Dvanajščak
  • Mojca Slovenc Orel
  • Ingrid Matana, Goveđari
  • članice vokalne skupine Gloria, Čakovec
  • Darka Labavić, Germany
  • anonymous donor, Čakovec
  • Vesna Ivica, Split
  • Robert Novak
  • Michele Bossert, Germany
  • Lidia Kos, Kitzbühel
  • Dajana Šošić
  • Gordana Rob, Mursko Središće
  • Ana Paškvan, Zagreb
  • anonymous donor, Donji Koncovčak
  • Henk, Holland
  • Danijel Poljanšek, Zagreb
  • Dorothea Dragica Maurmann, Germany
  • Lucija and Tin Balent, Čakovec
  • Mlivic, the Czech Republic
  • Filka Eškinja
  • Iva Kuzmić
  • Zdravko Vitez
  • Ivana Škrabić, Brela
  • Sonja Tomić
  • Dan Margetić, Zagreb
  • Ines Kunštek, Zagreb
  • Davorin Siuc
  • Daria Šarić
  • anononymous donor, Farkaševac
  • Patricija Kancijan, Fieberbrunn
  • Patricia Tomasović, Zagreb
  • Melita Suljanović, Čakovec
  • Milena Zelić
  • Filip Ude, Čakovec
  • Manca Svigelj
  • Klara Tabak
  • Brigitte Schwarzer, Vienna
  • Filaks d.o.o.

Bronze donors

  • Franka Radić
  • Udruga Umjetnost davanja, Čakovec
  • Vesna Perhoč
  • Aida Goršić
  • Dragan Kero
  • Karmela Berač, Savska Ves, Čakovec
  • Andreja Tomašić
  • Lana Kozarević
  • Domagoj Štefan – odvjetnik, Čakovec
  • Daliborka Kuhta
  • Nikolina Boškan, Karlovac
  • anonymous donor, Varaždin
  • Mario Bučanac, Zagreb
  • Kaja Popović, Čakovec
  • Leon Rehm, Ronnenburg
  • Manca Švigelj, Notranje Gorice
  • anonymous donor
  • Kristinka Vugrinec
  • Petra Labazan
  • anonymous donor, Koprivnica
  • Viktorija Varžić, Hodošan
  • Jasna Pevec, Čakovec
  • anonymous donor
  • Željkica Palaversa Šala, Vrbovec
  • Željka Kalsan Novak
  • anonymous donor, Zagreb
  • Petra Bobić
  • Sandra Polanec Marinović
  • Ana Mikulić
  • Ana Bajsić
  • Anđelka Strelec
  • Handmejderica
  • Vedran Jakovac
  • Erste card club d.o.o.
  • Nenad Čižmešija
  • Jelena Pavlić
  • Tonka Sivić
  • Eda Di Costanzo
  • Ivana Slaviček
  • Petar Kvakan
  • Marija Šoštarec
  • Miljenka Tomanek
  • Anamarija Štefok, Donji Kraljevec
  • anonymous donor, Donji Kraljevec
  • anonymous donor, Monheim
  • Sandra Požgaj Jambrošić
  • Petar Aleraj
  • Ivan Kantoci
  • Branka Venne
  • Sanja Sivac, Hlebine
  • Marijan Šala, Vrbovec
  • Marta Kermek, Čakovec
  • Biserka Horvat
  • Vedran Tuđen
  • Miroslav Crnković, Zagreb
  • Teodor Petričević
  • Mia Bartulica
  • Jadranka Peršić
  • Mirjana Bracko
  • Davorin Siuc, Zagreb
  • Danko Šimon
  • Maja Martinec, Varaždin
  • Ines Saša
  • anonymous donor, Rijeka
  • Nada Damjanović
  • Ines Carović, Mala Subotica
  • Zvonka Bratuša
  • Iskra Kirin
  • Kristina Jambrošić
  • anonymous sponsor, Sv. Martin na Muri
  • Anica Križnjak-Prešovar, Varaždin
  • 5a class, Sveti Martin na Muri Primary
  • Ana Zibar, Zagreb
  • Damir Car
  • Sunčica Dukić, Lendava
  • Vladimir Nazor Elementary School
  • Ana Jurenić