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Project Description

Wiskey and Scotch are two brothers. We have merry names. Although we look pretty ordinary, we are very good and dear. We were abandoned by some bad people. When we were very little, we were left in a box near a forest. It was very cold, but a kind lady found us and saved us from freezing. Now we are at the shelter. It is nice here, but there are many of us and we would like a new home and new human friends who would play with us, bathe in the sun and go for walks. We were born on 19 January 2011. We are vaccinated and microchipped and are medium sized. Wiskey’s chip number is 468214, and Scotch’s number is 481638.

SPONSOR: Viktor Legin, Innsbruck, Austria, 2012.
SPONSORS: Antonia Rawer and David Eissel, Germany, 2016.