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Project Description

Ticca was found in the woods along with her puppy. Local people were giving them food and water because they have been there for some time. When the invasion of ticks started, it became clear that she needed a proper shelter because the risk of catching some disease caused by ticks was very high. When she arrived to our shelter there was a surprise that we did not expect. Ticca was pregnant again and she brought three beautiful babies to this world.  She was a beautiful mother to her firstborn son so that’s the way how she treated her new ones – with lots of love! Before she even gave birth to her babies we got the chance to get to know her temper and we can say only the best things about her. She is a very sweet, good girl who is a little bit shy but when she relaxes and gets to know you she is very kind and nice. She gets along with other dogs. She was born in May 2014 and is 39cm tall.

SPONSOR: Ivana Mavrin, Belica, 2017