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Project Description

Tammy (F), Lucy (F), Betti (F) and Flecky (F) were left abandoned in a ditch near a Roma settlement when they were only a month old. Because of the fact that it happened on one cold winter night, they were extremely lucky they didn’t freeze to death. They were loud enough for passers-by to hear them and save them. At that point, they didn’t know how to walk and were toddling around like penguins. Now, they turned into beautiful, playful and cheerful puppies. They are going to be medium-sized and were born in October 2015. We sincerely hope that they won’t have to wait for their home for too long and that they will soon get a chance to forget about their traumatic, sad childhood and turn to their bright future with a new family.

Tammy, Lucy and Flecky are adopted.

SPONSOR: Nicole Mensger, Germany, 2017