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Project Description

Sunny is the only member of her small puppy family that was not adopted after arriving to the shelter in 2014. Is the reason for it the fact that she has only half a tail, or something else, we don’t know, but her name totally reflects her true nature. She is the Sun of our shelter, always laughing and happy, despite the fact she grew up in the shelter and the fact she never discovered the world beyond the fence. Her ears are always listening to something, and she is eagerly awaits every touch. At first she will be shy and careful, but if she sees that you are king and want to give her love, she will playfully lie on her back and wait for you to pet her on the belly. Sunny gets along with other dogs, and she would be good company to another furry friend. She is 55 centimeters tall.

SPONSOR: Suzana Vajda, Austria, 2014