Project Description

Saša has been through a lot in his short life. He was thrown out as a little puppy so he was living in the dump searching for food and shelter because there are many boxes there and boxes are good for a sleep over. Then somebody broke his right leg that healed wrong so now he limps. Then the hunters came and killed all his friends. He managed to escape but remained all alone. He was so sad that he lost his friends that he gave up on living. But then he saw a light… a nice woman took him and gave him a temporary home. Now he is searching for his forever home. Saša is really friendly, likes people, likes to cuddle, loves female dogs but likes to mount male dogs so sometimes they bit him because they naturally don’t like ti. He was born in May 2012. He is 52 cm tall.

SPONSOR: Juliane Holzapfl, Germany, 2018