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Project Description

Oleg arrived to the shelter after numerous days of wandering around the city, followed by calls from the citizens who noticed a poor blind dog roaming around. Ever since we first met him, we knew that he is not just an ordinary dog. He is very special because of his character and stability. Despite of being handicapped and even though he is not a youngster anymore (he was born in March 2009), Oleg is an incredibly happy dog, who gets excited about even the littlest thing. He needs a day or two to get used to a new surrounding (he currently lives in a temporary home with 5 other dogs) and to recognize the obstacles around him, but once he’s set, he turns into an endless source of happiness and joy. He is a very patient dog, who tolerates everyone. In addition to that, there is one puppy in the shelter who loves to play with Oleg in such a way, that he crashes into Oleg and runs away, and Oleg is completely okay with that. Oleg is 53 cm tall and really is a beautiful dog who, even though he can’t see with his eyes, sees everything just as clearly with his heart.

SPONSOR: Tamara Lojen, Zagreb, 2018
SPONSOR: anonymous donor, Sveti Križ Začretje, 2018