Mali | Sklonište za životinje Prijatelji

Project Description

Mali used to live on the streets for months, until one caring woman succeeded to attract him in his backyard, using food as bait and that’s how he became ”hers”. Unfortunately, the woman had a really low fence, so Mali spent most of his time out on the street, searching for some company, because he hates to be alone. One time while he was searching for new friends, he got hit by a car and broke his femur. His surgery was successful, so now he is running and playing with other dogs again, and jumping around his temporary home. He is a small-sized dog, about 30 cm tall, good-natured, short-haired and extremely attached to people. Whoever adopts him, will never walk alone. He was born in January 2016.

SPONSOR: Handmejderica, 2018