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Project Description

When they were puppies, Lady and her two brothers were left in the backyard of the house at the end of the village. In that house lived a peculiar woman, who, even though she accepted them, knew not how to take care of 3 small and delicate beings. They had some food and a roof above their little heads, but the necessary veterinary care was missing. As time went by, they grew up and felt the need to protect their human, so they started barking at every single person in the street. The constant barking bothered the neighbors, who now wanted to get rid of the dogs as soon as possible. When they first arrived to the shelter, they were abnormally scared and it took a long time until we finally succeeded and gained their trust. Lady was the first one to let us near her and started waving her little tail. The fear slowly disappeared from her warm and gentle eyes, and now she is extremely excited about us being the first thing she sees in the morning.  She was born in November 2013 and is 50 cm tall. Lady also had puppies, of which only one survived, with whom she arrived to the shelter. We are hoping that Lady will not be left waiting for her new family for too long. This lovely dog deserves a warm home in which she could forget about all the horrible experiences she had with people in her past.

SPONSOR: Paula Markati, Hodošan, 2018