Project Description

Kruna was abandoned in a cardboard box deep in the woods, by the river. The first rain got the cardboard box completely wet, so she just laid beside it, all wet and freezing, waiting for her (non)humans to come pick her up and take her back home — where it was warm and safe. They never showed up and we are unsure how long she was waiting there. Kruna was found by a random passer-by, by that time she was completely worn out and full of ticks. She survived the tick infestation, giving us a chance to meet another sweet soul who, although she is grown up, still plays like a little puppy. That is why she gets to play in our puppy area with all her other little friends. Kruna gets along great with anyone, she is always in a good mood and would be an excellent companion to kids. She was born in May 2016 and is around 48 cm tall.

SPONSOR: Ivona Cvetko, Donji Kraljevec, 2018
SPONSOR: anonymous donor, Gornji Kuršanec, 2018
SPONSOR: Željka Hrs Borković, Zagreb, 2018
SPONSOR: Antonia Grbić, Zagreb, 2018
SPONSOR: Johanna Scharf, Germany, 2018