Juni | Sklonište za životinje Prijatelji

Project Description

Juni was found together with his brother in a house near the woods. They were left in an old moist bathroom and they were screaming from fear when we tried to approach them. They looked like little bears and Juni grew into a bigger bear and he will grow some more although he is already 55 cm tall. He is very friendly but timid and he needs some time to get used to new people. He is afraid of big dogs but loves puppies and cats and he plays with them all the time. Juni was born in February 2015. He requires a family that won’t yell at him and that will have enough patience so he could regain trust in life and people.

SPONSOR: Ivana Rončević, Zagreb, 2018
SPONSOR: Nikolina Jukić, Zagreb, 2015
SPONSOR: Sanja Glavak, Cirkovljan, 2015