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Project Description

Goody got his name because of his good nature. Just like a stubby man, Goody is a bit slow with his movements and arrived to the shelter with a few extra pounds, which only means that it wasn’t a long time ago that he had a family. We don’t know if their family went on vacation and left him on the streets because they couldn’t come up with a better solution, but we are sure that whoever owned him, is now at a big loss, because they will hardly ever again have a loyal friend like Goody. Goody has warm and gentle eyes that explore the world around him, and when you approach him, he just throws himself on his back and enjoys belly rubs. He is also well-behaved around other dogs and an ideal choice for elderly people, who don’t have energy for mischievous puppies and young dogs, and are looking for a calm and obedient friend. Goody was born in July 2013 and is 46 cm tall.

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