Project Description

Đino is a wonderful and extremely friendly dog who arrived to the shelter because he often wandered on the streets of a village where his human family lived. He wondered because they neglected him. Since he is a big dog, 80 centimeters tall, people were afraid of him so they reported the case to the veterinary inspection. After the owners were warned several times that their dog cannot wander through the village alone, he was taken from them. But it can’t be said that his family didn’t love him. There were some unfortunate circumstances and his family lost him, and he lost them. Đino is a very friendly dog with dignified posture. He is bravely living through his days in the shelter, but we really hope he won’t wait long for a new home because he is very beautiful and very smart. He was born in November 2010.

SPONSOR: Zrinka Paleka, Zadar, 2014