Project Description

Branka was foung alongside her 5 small babies, on a winter day in a backyard of an old, abandoned house. Small, nappy tiny creatures followed their mommy in search for food. They were all crying because they were hungry, and mommy Branka didn’t have enough milk for them anymore. A woman heard their cry for help and called us. Branka is an incredibly good-natured girl, 50 cm tall, knows how to walk on a leash, gets along with other dogs and simply adores people. As soon as you approach her, she sits down and wants to put her head on your lap. She will give anything in the world for someone to cuddle her, but yet she is not burdensome, and when you tell her to stop, she moves away and sits next to you. Whoever adopts Branka, will get an unbelievably lovely friend. She was born in October 2015.

SPONSOR: Handmejderica, 2017