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Project Description

Aly, Ary and Alia are three sisters with some Schnauzer genes. They have been living in the shelter since they were puppies. Aly and Ary have longish curly hair, and Alia has hair more like a Labrador. Their mother was found wandering the city streets pretty hungry, exhausted and full of fleas. They love people and going for walks. They are always eager to explore. Aly, Ary and Alia were born on 14 April 2011. They are 54 centimeters tall. They are vaccinated, micro-chipped and spayed.
Alia has found a new home.

SPONSORS: Sophie Basse, Regina Michaely and Dorothee Arts-Buschmann, Germany, 2017
SPONSOR: Marina Pietzsch, Germany, 2017
SPONSORS: Marie Rollmann, Gaby Schlottig and Manuela Linden, Germany, 2017
SPONSOR: Blaženka Križan, Čakovec, 2015