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At the moment the shelter is providing home for over two hundred and fifty dogs, both puppies and young dogs as well as adult dogs. Each one of them has his/her sad story. Abandoned, abused, starved, thrown out of the car when their owners decided to go on vacation – and yet, hope still shines in their eyes that one day they will find a new home.

If you like some of these beautiful creatures, look at their detailed description and some more photos. On our web site you can find photos of all shelter animals. However, in order to get to know them better, visit us at the shelter every workday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and over weekends by appointment made in advance at the phone number 091-8988-004 (Croatia country code: 385).




If you're looking for a guardian and a friend, Kris is the best choice. He is a nice soul yearning for a home and a gentle touch.




Wilson is a playful and merry puppy eager for attention and human company. His hair is beige and he has black piercing eyes that beg you to take him with you.




Nick looks like an adult dog but actually he is a big puppy always ready to play. He gets along with other dogs and spends his days playing and doing pranks.




Vili is nice and cuddly dog, his hair is black and brown and his snout is grey. He is looking for a home where he could be safe